The Axiant Group provides advisory and transaction management services exclusively to users of real estate that either own or lease properties to conduct business. By representing only corporate and professional users of real estate, we eliminate all conflicts of interest with landlords.

For clients with large portfolios, we provide assistance with portfolio analysis, strategic planning, location analysis, acquisitions and dispositions, and restructuring of existing leases. For clients with single project or transaction specific needs, we provide solutions to a variety of office leasing issues including: leasing of new space, negotiating an extension, expansion or contraction; restructuring an existing lease, subleasing surplus space, negotiating an early lease termination, or any combination of the foregoing.

The Axiant Group distinguishes itself from other brokerage firms based on:

  • The experience and reputation of the Principals.
  • Dedication of the principals to all significant assignments.
  • 75 Years of negotiating skills and market knowledge.
  • Providing services tailored to our client’s unique needs.

Other advantages we offer our clients include:

  • An exclusive focus on tenant representation.
  • Unsurpassed expertise in large complex transactions.
  • Excellent reputation within the landlord and broker community.
  • No conflicts of interests with landlords.

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